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Internship Experience

"We need to be able and open to disagreeing, have difficult conversations, debate, and share opinions if we want to lead an effective team. Many say they lead an effective team but have never disagreed or debated." - Dr. Herrmann, Adjunct Assistant Professor at GSE Penn

  • Inclusive Curriculum & Instruction
    New Curriculum Implemented In collaboration with the instructional coach and assistant school leader, I supported the implementation of two new curricula. One of these curricula, Spring Board, was developed by College Board, while the other, Discovering Mathematics, offered engaging and culturally inclusive components such as reading passages and writing pieces that resonated with our students. New Elective Created Furthermore, I actively contributed to the curriculum design and planning of a new elective course known as Chicanx Studies. This course holds great appeal for 98% of our students, as they can readily connect with its content. Through my "Supporting a New Teacher" assignment, I had the opportunity to model inclusive curriculum and instruction, ensuring that all students felt represented and engaged in the learning process. Master Scheduling In the beginning of April, I embarked on the task of developing our 2023-2024 Master Schedule. This year, my focus is to approach the schedule creation process through a culturally responsive lens. I carefully consider whether we are offering the appropriate range of electives and ensure that our teachers are strategically placed in the right positions to meet the diverse needs of our student body.
  • Policies and Practices
    Student and Staff Policies As part of my internship, a significant focus area revolved around establishing fair and equitable policies and practices for all stakeholders. I actively contributed to the revision and updating of our Student and Staff Handbooks, ensuring that they aligned with our goals of equity and inclusion. Additionally, I participated in various discipline meetings and had the opportunity to contribute to the development of a student improvement plan for a senior student, fostering their growth and success within the school community. Hiring Policies During my internship, I actively participated in various aspects of the hiring process, including conducting interviews. As part of an inquiry project, my on-site mentor, who served as the assistant school leader, and I embarked on the development of a comprehensive hiring manual. This manual aims to incorporate well-crafted interview questions and an equitable scoring method to ensure that our staff is comprised of highly qualified individuals. Although this project is still ongoing, significant progress has been made.
  • Building a Community
    During my internship, I assumed the responsibility of coordinating numerous community events, including our welcome back orientation, open house, quarterly parent-teacher conferences, staff picnic, and various senior end-of-year activities. Recognizing the significance of providing a platform for community members to voice their opinions, I facilitated an environment that encouraged their active participation and contribution throughout these events.
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