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"Getting good teachers for learners requires teachers to be highly committed, thoroughly prepared, continuously developed, properly paid, well networked with each other to maximize their own improvement, and able to make effective judgements using all their capabilities and experience.”  (Hargreaves and Fullan, 2012, pg. 3)

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01. One-Year Plan - Inclusive Curriculum, Instruction and Space 
Maintain an unwavering commitment to furthering knowledge in curriculum development and differentiated instruction models, ensuring the perpetuation of a culturally responsive educational environment. Initiate the process of reconstructing a secure and supportive atmosphere where all stakeholders can freely make mistakes without the fear of negative consequences.
02.  3 - 5 Year Plan - Fully Trained Staff & Spaces
Every member of the staff possesses exceptional qualifications and receives comprehensive training in creating and fostering culturally responsive classrooms. We prioritize the provision of dedicated spaces and allocated time for community building, ensuring that connections and relationships are nurtured within the school environment.
03. 10 Year Plan - Culturally Responsive School Community
It is crucial that students, staff, parents, and the community possess a comprehensive understanding of the principles and essence of a culturally responsive school. As a cohesive team, we collectively strive to uphold and nurture a culturally responsive community, where every individual is valued and respected.
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