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Educational Philosophy

I believe that our students are entitled to the utmost excellent educational experience. They deserve to have the most qualified teachers guiding them. They deserve access to the finest curriculum available. They deserve opportunities to explore diverse career paths and post-secondary options that go beyond what they could envision. Our vision should revolve around the students, as they are the core of our mission. Any vision that deviates from prioritizing their needs would be an incorrect one.
  • Recruiting a dedicated staff that genuinely believes in the potential of every student and demonstrates a willingness to continuously learn and adapt to the unique dynamics of each classroom they encounter.
  • The school leader must cultivate teams and empower teacher leaders who can identify and address issues promptly, as well as develop comprehensive plans and practices to tackle present challenges and prepare for future ones.
  • As I reflect on my educational journey as a first-generation, low-income Latino student, transitioning from a rural town in México to one of the world's most esteemed universities, my vision for what education should encompass, particularly for Latinx students (and all students, in fact), has become crystal clear.
  • Collaborating with my CCA team, I was able to see some of this philosopy come true this May, when our very own Agustin Garcia Lopez was admitted to Harvard University this fall. I was honored when he invited me to accompany him on a visit to the university.
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